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First Focal Plane

Just what is First Focal Plane? In simple terms, the reticle size changes as you turn the magnification up or down, keeping it a constant in relation to the size of the target., When you increase the magnification, the target appears larger and so do the lines of your reticle.

Milliradian (Mil-rad) Reticle Scopes

We often get asked if our Mil-rad calculations are "correct" to the USMC standards. Yes, they are.

Any March Scope with a Mil-rad reticle that you purchase from March Optics USA, Inc. is guaranteed to precisely match the USMC spec Mil-rad which is 1/6283

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Second Focal Plane

Our second focal plane scopes all feature a reticle which maintains the same ideal size throughout the entire magnification range. A major benefit of a SFP is that you won't lose your reticle at your lowest magnification or cover too much or your target when you zoom in. We offer a variety of SFP reticles for easy holdovers and quick target acquisition.

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