Just what is First Focal Plane? In simple terms, the reticle size changes as you turn the magnification up or down, keeping it a constant in relation to the size of the target. The reticle is not really changing, but more so remaining a constant with the target. When you increase magnification, the target appears larger and so do the lines of your reticle.

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1 - 8 x 24mm FFP Scope

A great scope for short range tactical work and hunting.

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  • 30mm Body
  • 24mm Objective Lens
  • Elevation 56 MIL
  • Windage 56 MIL
  • Tactical Knobs
  • Focus Down to 10 Yards


  • Click Adjustment 0.1 MIL
  • Eye Relief Low 86-98mm
  • Eye Relief High 86-96mm
  • Includes Fixed Caps
  • Includes Flip-Up Lens Covers


FMC-1 Reticle


FMC-2 Illuminated Reticle
Illumination Levels Are
5%, 20%, 40%, & 100%

Non-Illuminated Reticle

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Illuminated Reticle

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Tactical 1 - 8 x24mm
A 258mm (10.16 inch)
B 129mm (5.1 inch)
C 33mm (1.3 inch)
D 41mm (1.6 inch)
E 35mm (1.4 inch)
F 94mm (3.7 inch)
G 49mm (1.9 inch)
H 42mm (1.65inch)
MAR1042: 530g (18.7oz)
MAR1043: 560g (19.75oz)