5 - 50 x 56mm

March’s 10x zoom ratio never ceases to awe the shooters who have constantly found themselves limited by more traditional magnification ranges. Our 5-50 is the perfect example of pushing the boundaries to make a highly usable scope for what may be the most particular demographic of people in the world— long range shooters.

The 34mm tube on this model takes an already sturdy design and beefs it up with double the wall thickness of other models. The 4mm thick tube ensures your scope will hold up to frequent use on rifles in even the most punishing calibers like .338 Lapua, .375 or .408 CheyTac, or the ever-intimidating .50 BMG.

If you need a scope with bulletproof reliability at extreme distances that will take the abuse of your heavy magnum in stride, this scope has your name all over it.

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  • 34mm Body
  • 56mm Objective Lens
  • Zero-Set
  • Oversized Tactical Knobs
  • Elevation 60 MOA
  • Windage 40 MOA


MTR-1 Reticle


MTR-3 Reticle


MTR-1 Illuminated Reticle


  • Focus Down to 10 Yards
  • Click Adjustment 18 MOA
  • Eye Relief Low 96-101mm (3.8-4 inch)
  • Eye Relief High 92-98mm (3.6-3.9 inch)
  • 3" (75mm) Sunshade
  • Includes Flip-Up Lens Covers


MTR-3 Illuminated Reticle


332 MOA DOT Reticle

Closeup of Tactical Knobs

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Zero-Set Lock Ring

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5 - 50 x 56mm
A 400mm (15.75 inch)
B 166mm (6.54 inch)
C 64mm (2.52 inch)
D 41mm (1.6 inch)
E 144mm (5.67 inch)
F 90mm (3.54 inch)
G 79mm (3.11 inch)
H 51mm (2.01 inch)
830g (29.3oz)
MAR1027, MAR1028
840g (29.63oz)
MAR1029, MAR1030
870g (30.68oz)